Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is a binding legal agreement between and its users. It specifies on how it collects and uses data collected from users.

What information do you collect?

The information collected, include, but not limited to telephone number, email and name of the user. The information is collected when on comments on our website. Our webs servers also collect IP addresses that is converted to traffic data for purposes of monitoring traffic.  Additionally, when you sign up we collect you name and email that we use to update you on our recent product reviews.

Do you disclose or sell the information?

No, do not sell or disclose information of its users or sell it to third parties.

Copyright protection

The written content, infographics, images and videos in are its copyrighted intellectual property. It therefore, cannot be copied or reproduced in any means either audio, printed or any other form without prior consent from If anybody copies information from the website without prior permission then legal action can be undertaken against them.


The website uses cookies. Cookie refers to small piece of data that are usually sent from the website to the computer browser. The data may include the website you have visited in the past or help in remembering the items you have added in the shopping cart. It may also details you feel in auto forms. However, this is an anonymous feature that helps you identifiable via your computer browser history. It is possible to stop cookie use by changing the settings in your computer. This may affect proper functioning in some parts of the sites. It is also worth noting that a cookie cannot collect information from your computer hard disk or install a virus into your computer.

Legal requirement for information disclosure

When we are compelled by legal authority to disclose information collected from the website we will do so. However, only when disclosure of this information is inevitable for both safety of our users and us. We can also disclose the information to legal authorities in cases where it violates our terms of service or it is against our copyright protection.

Website links policy

The links of other websites provided in are only for there to help you. They provide additional information or services from other websites that you may need. Therefore, we are not liable to actions or information from other websites that you navigate via our website links.

The privacy policy and terms of use in other websites are different from ours. Hence, it is vital to read and understand before using them.

Children protection policy

Children under the age of 14 years are not allowed to use our services or website without prior consent from there guardians or parents. They should therefore, not submit any information or fill form in our website without permission and supervision. will not be liable in case of any action taken against our privacy policy terms.

Unsubscribing from our email list

When you unsubscribe from our email list we stop sending you emails. We also delete you from the list instantly.

Change or revision of privacy policy

The privacy policy of the website can be adjusted or changed from time to time. However, when we change we will email those on our email list. We will also post the changes that we have made on this page. Once the changes have been posted the new privacy policy or adjustments will become binding.



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