Best Mattress for Heavy People Detailed Review- Buyers Guide 2017

When you need a high-quality mattress and you have the needed cash then buying the best mattress for heavy people may seem a walkover. It can be taken as easy as just a click of a button. This is because there are thousands of both online and offline stores that are selling mattresses with different features.

Nevertheless, choosing the best mattress, especially for a heavy person it can be tiring. It even becomes more confusing when you are given conflicting pieces of advice and description by many sales agents who areBest mattress for obese in a chase to increase their sales volume.

You may think perhaps the best solution to such a scenario is to buy the most highly priced mattresses. It is true to some extent.

However, some of the averagely priced mattresses are far much better and they are the best.

Yes, you read it right!

We are going to provide a solution and guidance that will prevent you from having a headache in the process of selecting the best mattress for heavy people.

Having reviewed over 70 mattresses that seemed ideal for heavy people we compiled a list of the top 10 best mattresses for heavy people.

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Ok, let’s go straight into the list

Best rated mattress for heavy people

Mattress NameWeightType of LayersDimensions (in Inches) 
Zinus Memory Foam
(Editors Choice)
76 poundsMemory Foam
Comfort Foam
Support Base
75 x 54 x 12 Check Price
Overweight Bariatric MattressPremium Latex
Talalay Latex
Ultra High Resilience Foam
60 x 80 Check Price
Sleep Innovation Shiloh80 poundsComfort Top Layer80 x 60 x 12 Check Price
Dynasty Cool Breeze
( Editors Choice)
70 poundsGel Memory Foam
Airflow Foam
High Density Foam
80 x 60 x 12 Check Price
Signature Memory Foam68.2 poundsMemory Foam
High Density Foam
80 x 60 x 12 Check Price
Leesa Queen Size76 poundsAvena Foam
Memory Foam
80 x 60 x 10 Check Price
Lucid 16 Inch Plush147 poundsLatex
Memory Foam
Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam
80 x 76 x 16 Check Price
Gramercy Hybrid Mattress106 poundsCool Gel Layer
Hybrid Memory Foam
Coil Base
80 x 60 x 14 Check Price
Serta Gel Mattress88.3 poundsGel Memory Foam
Premium Memory Foam
Active Foam
80 X 60 X 14 Check Price
Ghost Bed Mattress 95 poundsPremium Latex
Gel Infused Memory Foam
80 x 76 x 11 Check Price

1. ZINUS MEMORY FOAM 12- INCH GREEN TEA MATTRESS – Best mattresses for the overweight

Best mattress for heavy people
Zinus memory foam 12- inch green tea mattress is a queen sized mattress made by Zinus Company.  The thought of this type of mattress makes me opt for sleeping as a hobby. This mattress is just exclusive.

Zinus memory foam 12-inch green tea mattress is made in China but certified in USA.

Features of Zinus Mattress
Safety & Durability
Chemicals Infused
Cooling Mechanism
Firmness & Edge Support

Remember, the presence of a chemical in the mattress produces a smell. I am glad to inform that the smell goes away very fast. For those who are not very sensitive, the smell cannot disturb at all. After delivery, the smell lasts for three days. Much of it is from the newness. Other minute chemicals are usually cushioned by the low emissions memory foam.

When camping, however, this is not the mattress of choice.  Its heavy nature makes it hard to fold or carry around. This is very evident in the nature of its dimensions. Even after buying, its removal from the shipping box is easy but it takes time to return to its normal shape.

For these mattresses, however, a bed frame is required. This is usually ordered aside from the mattress. These mattresses are suitably placed on flat surfaces for extra comfort. So, a flatbed frame or the floor can serve you best.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for the overweight
  • Contains green tea that has antioxidant and antifungal properties
  • Affordable
  • Little smell that goes away quickly

  • Does not deflate
  • Requires a separate bed frame

2. OVERWEIGHT BARIATRIC MATTRESS – Best mattress for heavy overweight people including obese

Overweight bariatric mattress is solely designed for heavy people. This is a unique custom design which not only encompasses their comfort but caters for their sleep needs. My obese friend is a witness to this. They rarely fit on normal beds.

It is made in USA by the Ultimate sleep Company and usually customized to support a weight of 300-400 lbs. However, the company can adjust the contents in the mattress so as to accommodate a heavier weight. This is however adjusted in special cases following request.

Features of Bariatric Mattress
Mechanism to Withstand Pressure
Support & Firmness
Cooling Mechanism
Edge Support

The overweight bariatric mattress is affordable. Its price is fair as compared to the good service it gives. Whenever you think of the outstanding features and benefits, cost is never a worry.

Overweight bariatric mattresses are not space savers. They are large in size and usually occupy the better space of the room they are placed in. So for those with small spaces in their rooms, they can hardly fit not even on the floor.

Folding, rolling and unrolling these mattresses is quite a duty too. After purchasing, it is pretty easy to unpack and unroll from the original closure. In case you are relocating, there is no doubt that you will face a hard task .It is also cumbersome to carry them around.

Overweight bariatric mattresses are exclusively designed for the overweight people. Light weight people can lie on them but they cannot be as comfortable.Anyway one should use what suits him or her best.


  • Suitable for heavy people
  • Firm
  • Durable
  • Non-allergenic
  • Affordable
  • Contain adjustable bed bases
  • None fatiguing
  • Does not cause joint, back or neck pains
  • Queen size that supports all height
  • Does not smell
  • Have a soft top giving a soft fee
  • High-quality mattress
  • Comfortable

  • Poor edge support
  • Knee pain that goes away before getting used to it
  • Cumbersome to carry, roll or fold
  • Occupies large space


Sleep innovation Shiloh 12 inch memory foam mattresses are products of queen sleep innovations.

They are the ideal mattresses for an average to a heavy body. It’s just amazing how people in this weight bracket can enjoy the brand.

They are queen sized mattresses with a 12 inch height and made in USA.



Description of Sleep Innovation Shiloh Mattress
Comfort & Durability
Edge Support
Temperature Regulation
Odour & Hygiene

The price tag for Sleep innovation Shiloh mattress is affordable and fair. Comparing to the comfort and service one gets from them, this is a giveaway. It is particularly wise to buy these type of mattress for your guest or buy the mattress as a couple. My husband and I made a wise decision of buying it. We hardy get out of bed these days .Are we becoming kind a lazy? Not at all. I may say that we are enjoying the best offer from the good sale. It’s time to purchase one and get the feeling too.

One could ask, can these mattresses be used for adjustable beds especially hospital beds? The answer is no. The base support foam does not in any away allow adjustments.


Remember, the presence of a chemical in the mattress produces a smell. I am glad to inform that the smell goes away very fast. For those who are not very sensitive, the smell cannot disturb at all. After delivery the smell lasts for three days. Much of it is from the newness. Other minute chemicals are usually cushioned by the low emissions memory foam.These are not the mattresses to carry around if you are going out for camping. Additionally, they are difficult to fold unfold and unroll. In the process of doing so, the mattress can lose its shape too which is not the desired result.
In short, if you want to sleep till you need rest no more, try this type of mattress. You will never look back. Trust me on this.

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Do not smell
  • Spacious
  • Have a washable cover
  • Firm and comfortable
  • Suitable for the average to heavy people
  • Suitable for all sleeping styles
  • Neutral temperature

  • No edge support
  • Cumbersome to carry around
  • Difficult to roll on
  • Occupies a large space
  • Not used for adjustable beds

4. DYNASTY MATTRESS COOL BREEZE 12 INCH GEL MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS- Best mattress for heavy people with back pain

Dynasty mattress cool breeze 12 inch gel memory foam mattress is one of a kind It is the talk of the day for the heavyweight individuals who use it each and every day. In other words, it gives the best sleep deal that is just awesome. I am not blowing a trumpet about it but my mum is a witness. Being obese, we took a lot of time in establishing the best mattress for her but am glad we found what we were just looking for.

She does not know the reasons why she finds it as comfortable but I have numerous answers for that inferno and am definitely going to share with you. Actually, much of what she tells me is the same as the reviews I get. My urge is that if you have the capacity of buying one for a family member please do. Comfort is assured and they will live to credit all the good feeling on you. This should be shared to friends, workmates or even customers.


Characteristics of Dynasty Mattress
Heat Regulation

After purchasing, this mattress needs to be placed on a flat surface for maximum comfort. This includes a solid flat surface made of a platform or a box. Bed springs are not usually recommended.

One major drawback in dynasty mattress cool breeze 12 inch gel memory foam mattress is the lack of edge support is evident in this kind of mattress. Sitting on the sides can lead to its shrinkage as opposed to sleeping on the center.
The good news, however, is that these type of mattresses can be used on adjustable beds and thus are modified as per the person’s comfort zone. They can be used in hospital beds too.


  • High quality and firm
  • Durable
  • Elegant in appearance
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used in people having back pains
  • Devoid of smell
  • The mattress cover is easy to wash
  • Contain a gel that regulates temperature during sleep
  • Can be used on adjustable beds
  • Does not shrink nor form lumps

  • Needs a bed frame bought aside from the mattress
  • No edge support

5. SIGNATURE SLEEP 12 INCH MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS, Queen – Most eco-friendly mattress for large people

Is sleep an activity, a hobby or an art? Am confused on that. Trust me, sleep encompasses a myriad of events destined to give maximum comfort. We once argued these at a conference with my colleagues and we all agreed that without a good mattress to lay down own, no sleep comfort is guaranteed. As we consider sleep, we should also worry about our environment especially where we are sleeping in.

Signature sleep 12 inch memory foam mattresses are just a mystery. They are the most eco-friendly type of mattresses. Scientist will back me on this. If they won’t I will still hold on to what I know is true because this is a rare feature in other types of mattresses.

Our environment is known to be polluted with a lot of chemicals that either result from burning or emission from materials. This has led to the depletion of the ozone layer which is a major threat .The designers and manufacturers of these mattresses had this in mind thus designed environmental friendly and unique mattresses as these.

Features of Signature Memory Foam Mattress
Aeration & Hygiene

Signature sleep 12 inch memory foam mattresses regain their original shape after 48 hours of unpacking. When you sleep on them there is minimal pressure on the body where weight is evenly distributed and provides balanced support no matter how often you toss and turn. Additionally, it absorbs movement. This means that even when sleeping with a partner in the same bed, there will be minimal disturbance even when he moves.

I would highly recommend this for couples. When one of you is fond of tossing in bed all night, this mattress would play it safe.

It is unfortunate that the mattress heats up after several hours of sleep. This can be good during winter but at other times, the hot environment can be more of bug.
In a nutshell, these type of mattresses are a good choice and can be considered during purchasing a good mattress where comfort and satisfaction are being sought.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great quality at an affordable price
  • Eco friendly
  • Does not smel
  • Can be placed on multiple surfaces
  • Mattress cover can be cleaned
  • Absorbs movement
  • Firm
  • Does not sag

  • Can heat up after several hours of sleep


Leesa mattress is a 10-inch mattress that is highly ideal for heavy to moderately heavy people. It is not a good selection for individuals who are above 200 pounds. I really love this mattress for having an elegant and glowing cover.

It is available in both white and grey colors. Either of the colors gives one a cozy feel. Its thickness also ensures heavy individuals are comfortable and it does not shrink after using it for some time.

Features of Leesa Queen size Mattress
Temperature Regulation
Firmness & Flexibility
The Leesa mattress has a weight of 76 pounds which makes it a little bit difficult to carry around by yourself. You will need assistance to carry it. Therefore, making a disadvantage if you needed a flexible mattress to carry around. However, most mattresses are heavy because of being thicker. In comparison to other mattresses that suits large people then Leesa mattress is lighter.

The mattress is absolutely made in Unites states. This include each and every component used in manufacturing Leesa. The manifactures of the mattress are also Centipur certified thus ensuring the mattress is absolutely safe and free of any toxic or allergic chemicals. If you are a supporter of charity work then you can buy this mattress because a proportion of the sales goes into charity projects.

In conclusion, Leesa mattress is a perfect mattress mostly for side sleepers who are moderately heavy. It also comes with a variety of features to improve the quality of sleep. What is more awesome about this mattress is that all the premium features come at a very good price.


  • It has good air circulation hence an excellent choice for hot sleepers.
  • It is highly durable due to presence of Avena foam
  • It has provided extra edge support due to its firmness
  • It has reduced bouncing because of Avena foam
  • It cushions pressure exerted on the mattress
  • It is available at a fair price

  • The cover is non-removable
  • It smells on the first day
  • It is not easy to carry because of extreme weight

7. LUCID 16 INCH PLUSH MEMORY FOAM AND LATEX MATTRESS- Best mattress for neck and back pains

Lucid 16 inch plush memory foam and latex mattress is extra comfortable and provides pressure relief and support. This is given by its unique geometry that results from the arrangement and nature of the foams in it.

This is given by its unique geometry that results from the arrangement and nature of the foams in it.

As I continue with its description, you will notice how unique it is. Personally, I have never imagined that charcoal could be part of my sleeping accessory.

I remember my grandmother suggesting that we can use it as part of cooling sponge for my little brother who had high fever.

She had a point which seems relevant enough to believe. Anyway, old age and wisdom go hand in hand.

Description of Lucid Mattress
Function of Charcoal
Ventilation & Resistance to Mites


Lucid 16 inch memory and latex foam mattresses are however costly .This is due to the high cost of production and also the outstanding features that they have. But the cost has absolutely nothing to do with the good service and comfort that they give. When purchasing them you should bear in mind that you are buying quality, durability and comfort. It is said that cheap is expensive.Why evade the cost and eventually buy something that will not serve you well?
Durability is another good feature of these mattresses. Yes, they are indeed durable. Durability also comes with high quality.Once you buy one of these mattresses, be sure that it will last for ages before thinking of buying another one. They do not sag even after months of usage.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Has thermoregulatory activity
  • Resistant to dust mites and allergens
  • Do not sag
  • No smell
  • Have a breathable mattress cover for ventilation
  • Good for people with neck and leg pains
  • Can support any weight

  • It is relatively expensive
  • Occupies large space

8. GRAMERCY HYBRID GEL FOAM MATTRESS – Best mattress for heavy people with a limited budget

When it comes to choosing a mattress for heavy individual’s one important factor is its firmness. Gramercy hybrid gel mattress is one of an exception. The hybrid mattress is a combination of improvised high premium memory foam and innerspring mattress.

It is 14 inches in thickness which makes it to be a comfortable mattress for large people. It will provide a strong and study support even if you are an active sleeper who make a number of frequent motions per night.

Another factor that makes it a great choice is that all these features comes at a very friendly price.

Features of Gramercy Mattress
Weight Distribution
Heat Regulation

If it were not for its smell during the first few days and lack of flexibility it would be among the top 5 mattresses for huge people.

The mattress is also compressed during shipping which makes it easy to handle and transport. On arrival once the mattress is unpacked it enlarges to its original size within a few hours. Honestly, the mattress is very heavy. It weighs 106 pounds. This makes it difficult to move around. It need at least three strong individuals to set it in position. Also it needs a slightly larger bedroom because of its size. It has dimensions of 80 by 60 which is makes it larger compared to other normal mattresses.


One of the major drawbacks of the Gramercy mattress is that it is a little bit smelly. Nevertheless, the smell disappears quickly after a few days. Actually, after one day I noticed the mattress was absolutely odorless. The good thing is that the odor is not as a result of chemicals. Therefore, if you are allergic to chemicals worry not!
In conclusion, comparing Gramercy to other mattresses that are suitable for huge individuals it has most of the key features that are needed. If I was working on a limited budget I would go for this mattresses. In the category of heavy individuals, it is a good choice if you either have joint pains related issues or for side sleepers. It is excellent for side sleepers because its support base provides pressure relief and cushioning.

  • It is very firm. However, not extremely firm.
  • It is highly durable
  • It has a gel foam that provides a cooling effect
  • It is highly affordable

  • It is very heavy
  • It has a slight odor during the first day


Serta mattress is seamlessly unique and comfy. It provides a quality sleep throughout the night without having joint pains.

If you are a side sleeper or suffer from joint or back pains you will really love this mattress for its unmatched quality sleep.

It is 14 inches in thickness which enables it to provide a moderately firm surface, therefore, enhancing appropriate body alignment.

What makes it a unique and a cool mattress to have?

Features of Serta Gel Mattress
Heat Regulation
Support Base
One of the major disadvantages of this mattress that I noticed is that it is a little bit heavy. However, in comparison to other mattresses such as Gramercy it is lighter. It weighs 88.3 pounds approximately. Therefore, it is not a flexible mattress that can be moved with ease around the house. It has dimensions of 80 by 60 inches which make it occupy a substantial space in your room.


Serta mattress is manufactured by sleep Innovations Company which is based in the United States. Once you make an order, the mattress is compressed so as to fit into the packaging vessel. However, once you unpack it expands four times to its original size. I also realized it is hard to pack it back to its original size because at the shipping point they use vacuum to compress it. On arrival, the mattress did not have even the slightest odor.

In conclusion, Serta mattress is flawlessly designed to provide a quality and comfy sleep. Also, all the above-mentioned features come at a very fair price. It is indeed a perfect choice for heavy individuals.


  • It has a cooling effect
  • Allows free air circulation
  • It has medium firmness
  • It relieves pressure on joints

  • It is heavy


Ghost bed provides a refreshing sleep for moderately heavy individuals. What do I mean by moderately heavy?

These are individuals who are between 150 to 200 pounds.

Ghost bed has infused gel. The infused gel also helps in pressure reduction thus providing an impeccably restful sleep. The Gel also reduces the number of frequent motions that one makes in the bed.

Maybe you are wondering how this is achieved?

Just a minute I explain, when one sleeps on a bed that is very firm and the body parts are pressed hard it forces one to make frequent motions on the bed to reduce the stress applied. Ultimately, making frequent motions when asleep it makes you wake up feeling tired and grouchy.

Features of Ghost Bed Mattress
Edge Support & Firmness
Durability & Flexibility

With this mattress, you can comfortably use a heating pad or electric jacket. If you reside in a very cold region or during the winter season it can be a perfect feature.

Ghost mattress also meets the fire retardant regulation. They comply with this law by ensuring the foam is encased in a fiberglass scrim which has fire retardant properties.

The problem with Ghost bed mattress is that it is very not very thick. Hence, when used by huge individuals for a long duration it tends to sag. I also did it not like the fact that ghost mattress tends to sleep warm. When my friend used it he complained that it makes him sweat at night. I am imagining if my friend who is an averagely light guy is complaining, what about the very heavy individuals? This is because they tend to generate a lot of heat. This is another major shortcoming for this mattress among fat people.
In conclusion, Ghost bed mattress is a perfect choice for moderately heavy individuals who are either side sleepers, stomach or back sleepers. This is because the mattress has a medium firmness and it also has pressure relieving feature. I would not recommend this mattress for individuals who reside in a very hot region because of the issue of poor heat dispersal by the mattress. The mattress is perfect especially if you need a durable, elegant and comfy mattress on a tight budget.


  • It is highly durable
  • It is affordable
  • It does not smell
  • It has a removable cover

  • It has poor heat regulation mechanism
  • It sags on the edges after some time of use


Heavy people are entitled to comfortable and fulfilling sleep. Not only sleep but the entire bed rest. Nevertheless, their sleeping accessories should be unique as well. This is why they should be keen in selecting the best mattress that suits them. They become a happy lot when they take into account some features that favour the mattresses they purchase. My sister is overweight. I had the privilege of taking her out to purchase a mattress when she was moving to her new house. I learned that the following factors should be considered when choosing a mattress for heavy people.


The first thing to consider when buying the best mattress for heavy people is the price. Of course, the purchaser should have a budget that indicates the price range hat you want the mattress to lie within. Consider the amount of money that you have and the price that the mattress costs. However, buy the mattress looking at its quality, however, cheap nor expensive. This is because the quality will guarantee long service and you will not go back to purchase another after a short duration. For some mattresses, price goes hand in hand with quality. So it is good to be conscious of what you choose but do not strain yourself.


This is another important factor and also very critical in the choice that you make. Remember, heavy weight people put a lot of pressure on the mattress.The thickness that is essential for support especially because of the weight and compression that it bears. The more you sleep on the mattress, the more you compress it and therefore it should be firm enough to prevent it from sagging. Therefore, best mattress for heavy people is atleast 12-inches.



One should sleep on a firm but comfortable mattress. Some mattresses are very hard and at times side sleeping can be difficult. The mattress firmness should allow a little sinkage that enables the mattress to conform to your body shape. This will help your skin surface not to pressed against the mattress but to be accommodated well. Even for couples, when the two of you sleep on the mattress, you feel comfortable and supported firmly.

Edge support

The bed is not just for sleeping. From time to time, we find ourselves sitting, playing or even jumping on it. We most often sit on the bed edges during the day or even in the morning when wearing socks, shoes or doing other preparations for the day. Being a routine, this part of the mattress can be overused. If there is no sufficient edge support on the edge the mattress can easily shrink leading to sagging even in the middle.


When we go to bed, we all want to feel warm especially on a cold night. However, we do not desire excess warmth that is a nuisance to the sweet sleep. For the heavyweight it is even word because their body generate heat. Additionally, when they cover themselves, or sleep with their partners, pets or kids, the temperatures in there, can be pretty high.


When mattresses are for daily use, they may sag very fast. Not because you are sleeping on them, but also because of the pressure exerted when sitting or playing on them. When planning to purchase one, you should consider the frequency of usage in the case of a family or a guest mattress. If you are solely purchasing for the guests, you are sure that the frequency of usage is not as that of the family members and so the mattress will be less firm than that of the family usage.


Most of us like it clean. Our bodies produce a lot of flakes, and fluids that can fall onto the mattress from time to time. When taking snacks on the bed, those pieces can fall onto the mattress .If it lacks a cover, the mattress can become so dirty to sleep on. However, some mattresses now have a washable mattress cover. This is so helpful because one can wash it periodically and hygiene is enhanced. When choosing a mattress to buy, it is good to look at this mattress feature.


When people have atopy to certain chemicals such as mercury and formaldehyde, it is good to choose a mattress whose environment does not trigger ban allergic reaction. Thanks to some manufactures who have considered this factor in their mattress designs making sure that people are comfortable every night. This is by producing non allergenic mattresses.

In conclusion, heavy people are entitled to a healthy and comfortable sleep. This can only be possible if all these factors are considered.










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