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Best Futon Mattress Detailed Review 2017 – Buyers Guide

Making the decision of choosing the best futon mattress that suits your needs can be challenging.

Best futon mattress

It can be confusing as well because each futon has advantages that may not be available in another type of futon mattress.

You will agree when I say:


When it comes to choosing the best futon mattress, it goes beyond comfort and flexibility.

A mattress that does not cause back or neck aches is a critical factor to consider.

If you are looking for a detailed guide on the top rated futon mattresses then look no further. We have tested a wide range of futon mattresses and chose the top 10 best futon mattresses. We also analyzed the pros and cons of each futon mattress and prepared a detailed buyers guide plus a list of the top 10 mattresses.

Ok, without further ado, let’s move straight to the list of our top 10 rated futon mattresses

Mattress NameWeightType of LayersDimensions( in inches) 
DHP 8 inch
( Editors choice)
57 poundspolyester
75 x 54 x 8 Check Price
D & D futon queen 27 pounds90% cotton
Resilient foam & polyester
80 x 60 x 3
DHP 6 inch50.5 pounds
Premium foam
75 x 54 x 6
D & D traditional Japanese futon14.4 poundsCotton
Polyester, fiber and foam
80 x 30 x 3
Emoor Japanese futon12.5 poundsCotton
39 x 83 x 2.5
DHP aria futon70 poundsFoam70 x 69 x 32
Serta Cypress futon60.7 poundsPolyester
75 x 53 x 8
Twin Gold bond36 poundsCotton39 x 75 x 4
Serta Sycamore54 poundsFoam
80 x 60 x 8
Artiva Home Deluxe34 poundsFoam
74 x 54 x 8 Check Price


DHP 8 inch futon

DHP mattress was the best mattress among all other futons we used and reviewed.

It topped the list because of its durability, comfort, and versatility.  DHP mattress is mainly known because of its  durability and its ease of being moved around. When it comes to choosing a futon mattress one of the top most concerns is versatility.

The majority of the people who buy futon mattress are attracted by its flexibility to serve multiple purposes in the house.

For sure, DHP is the real deal!

Also, the durability is an aspect that cannot be ignored. Off course you do not want to buy a mattress that will be worn out within a few months or a couple of years.

Do you? I do not think so.

  • DHP 8 inch encased futon mattress has a thickness of 8 inches. Hence, it’s firm and sturdy. Even if you are the kind of a person who will use it on daily basis either as a sofa or a bed. It will remain intact and strong. What makes DHP mattress the most popular is the ability to retain both its sturdiness and still be comfortable.
  • DHP 8 inch encased futon can conveniently be used with any type of standard futon frames. This is a great advantage because it does not give you the headache of looking for a specific futon frame. I even used this mattress with cheap futon frames and it fitted perfectly. I also loved this mattress because of its easiness of assembling it. It does not require any expertise or a lot of energy. It is, therefore, convenient for even college students.
  • The DHP futon mattress has a dimension of 75 x 54 x 8. I really loved it because of its adequate space and thickness. This feature provides a convenient space for kids to play on or even sleep. Moreover, in between the covers of this futon mattress, it is fitted with premium high-quality polyesters and foam layers that ensure the mattress retain its thickness. It also has encased 15 gauge pocket coils that provide an extra good feeling and comfort.
  • DHP 8 inch futon mattress also has a retainer clip that enables it to retain its quality and prevents it from deteriorating in thickness and firmness. This futon mattress has a variety of colors to choose from ranging from black, chocolate, brown and tan. All these awesome features come at a very affordable price that is really worth it. In fact, some more expensive mattress can never match the uniqueness, comfort, and durability of DHP 8 inch futon mattress.

The mattress has 57 pounds that make it difficult to move around. It is among one of its drawbacks. The DHP 8 inch futon mattress is covered by a microfiber cover that protects the inner polyester and foam from being compromised on its compactness.

Often, soft mattresses have been confused to be comfy and cozy. Nevertheless, according to research, firm and sturdy mattresses are more comfortable because they are able to align the body joints in upright positions and hold them appropriately. This ensures the correct body posture is maintained throughout the sleep. Apart from it being firm is will also keep you healthy and away from the doctor.

  • It is highly durable
  • Very comfortable to sleep on
  • The matress Odorless
  • Conveniently fits any futon frame

  • It is heavy
  • It cannot be washed because its cover is non-removable



D & D futon queen size mattress is usually of Japanese origin. It came in the second position due to its lightness and suitability for road trips and even relaxing during massage therapy or meditation session.

Japanese futon mattress has a very long history that is linked to Japanese culture. Traditionally, Japanese used to live in houses with limited space. This made traditional futons an excellent choice for them.

Actually, because of the flexibility of these futons, Japanese would roll and store the futons during the day and use their rooms as a sitting bay and at night they would convert it into a bedroom. This still makes these type of Japanese mattress the most preferred compared to other types of futons.

  • D & D queen size futon is one of the best futons due to its lightness. It has a weight of approximately 27 pounds. The lightness enables the futon to be easily moved around the house. It is the same feature that makes its best suited for road trips.  I loved this futon for its flexibility to be carried around. We carried it using a car during a road trip. It was indeed an excellent and comfortable futon for our camping site. In case of any future road trips, it would still be my number one choice.
  • The D & D Japanese queen size futon is made of about 90 percent cotton which is sandwiched with a layer of resilient foam and polyester. Having a high percentage of cotton makes this futon to be of a superb quality. The cotton also enables the queen size futon to be sterilized using direct sunlight.
  • Despite this futon mattress being of Japanese origin, it is made in the United States. It does not resemble the Japanese futon mattress in totality. It is a bit thicker compared to the traditional Japanese futons. To be precise D & D queen size futon has a thickness of 3 inches, a feature that makes it to the very comfortable for sleeping on. It has a size of 80 X 60 X 3. This makes it a bit larger compared to the DHP futon mattress.
  • You will also like this mattress because does not form lumps like most mattresses. This ensures that your body is aligned in a straight position. Additionally, the futon was uniform throughout its surface, padded and highly supportive. These features make it an ideal mattress for yoga, meditation, and even child games.

On the major drawback of D & D queen size mattress is that it cannot be used on a futon frame because it is a bit thinner compared to other futons. Also, the first few days of buying this mattress is was a little bit smelly. The smell, however, vanished after one week. If it becomes disturbing one can use a suitable frebeeze fragrance. It works like charm!
D & D Japanese futon queen size mattress is one of the best futon mattresses. It has one of the high-quality features that one can hardly get at that price. You can always buy it without even a thought.

  • It is easily foldable
  • It saves space
  • Highly portable
  • Excellent choice for picnics and yoga

  • It’s smelly for the first few days because of cotton


DHP 6 inch mattress is much similar to DHP 8 inch encased futon the only difference is thickness.

Due to the affordability of the DHP 6 inch at the same time retaining the stunning quality of DHP 6 it makes it the finest choice if you are working on a limited budget and you need a quality futon. Were it not for its reduced thickness it would be at the top.

  • You will feel the comfort and coziness of this futon. DHP 6 inch has measurements of 75 by 54 by 6 inches. These dimensions enable two individuals to seamlessly and comfortably fit on it. The 6-inch thickness allows heavy individuals to sleep on it without showing even a sign of shrinking.
  • The thickness allows this mattress to be used on regular basis by guest without deteriorating its comfy feel. Also, one doesn’t feel the inside encased coils when sleeping even if you make frequent motions in bed. Hence, making it a good deal for side sleepers.
  • DHP 6 inch futon can also be easily be folded into a sofa, unlike the DHP 8 inch which is slightly difficult due to its thickness. The coils inside it provide a relaxing feel especially after a busy day of work.
  • I also loved the fact that DHP 6 inch can easily be washed. This is made possible due to a microfiber cover with is on top the mattress. This avoids a headache especially when pets in your room messes up with the futon. I know it can be really tough. It is a unique feature because most futon mattresses do not come with a futon cover. In most cases, futon covers are bought separately. This can help you to cut on cost.

The challenge that I faced with this mattress is that it was heavy. It weighed about 50.5 pounds therefore, I had to be assisted to carry it around my room. Hence, it cannot be an option when you need a mattress that you carry around the one by yourself.

The DHP 6 inch also had a smell on the first day but it disappears with one week. This is not a major issue because after leaving it in an open air under the sun the odor vanishes

The DHP 6 inch is available in many elegant colors. Ranging from tan, chocolate, black, charcoal, merlot and cobalt blue. This provides a wide variety of eye-appealing colors to choose from.

The mattress also is highly flexible and can fit in any futon frame hence making possible for it to be converted into a sofa. This DHP is manufactured in China. The futon is made up of mainly high-quality premium foam which is coated on top using a polyester layering. I always admire the quality and range of features that comes with DHP 6 inch futon. The price is also very affordable. It is a perfect mattress for college students.

  • Very comfortable
  • Can be folded into a sofa
  • It does not shrink
  • It has a microfiber

  • Has a slight odor on the first few days

4.D&D Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses – BEST FOR NECK PAINS

This is an excellent mattress for people with back pain. I really love the comfort and the quality of sleep one gets using this type of mattress.

Anytime, every time or anywhere each and every person wants quality sleep. Not only quality sleep but quality sleeping accessories to enhance rest. Have you ever thought of waking up yet feeling as tired as before? This is not only a frustration but also an indicator of something peculiar that needs to be addressed.

Here is an answer to why your sleep is not as comfy as you wish it to be. Have you ever thought of the mattress you are sleeping on? Maybe not. As you think of it, I already have the best answer that will not only lead you in your thinking but also offer the best solution to your mystery.

D& D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Mattresses are the best mattresses to offer you the rest you need. No regrets on this. In fact, you will thank me later.

  • Each mattress weighs 14 pounds, with a dimension of 80 by 30 by 60. Made in USA with a shipping weight of 15.2 pounds. Black in color with a firm pillow. Unlike other mattresses, it does not require a futon frame.Do not doubt me when I say that this is the best type of mattress. The reasons are infinite just to mention a few.
  • Talking of quality and durability as the first reason, these mattresses are long lasting because of the polystyrene material in which they are made of. With one mattress it will take time for you to think of buying another one. For sure this is an understatement especially for us who like quality and buying something once and for all.
  • Additionally, quality goes hand in hand with comfort. These mattresses offer neck and back support. At this point, I must say that neck and back are the main body parts that should be well aligned during sleep. Could this be the reason why we wake up with achy joints and back pains? I won’t underrate this either, but sleeping on this mattress guarantees adequate rest and these kinds of pains will never be part of your morning statements or misfortunes.
  • Another key feature is portability. These mattresses are easily foldable and carrying them around is not negotiable. Camping could be the place where you worry most on what to use for lying on that cold floor or that hard ground. Comfort with unfathomable rest is assured. I can imagine all the fatigue after hacking.
  • Space on which to spread the mattress is nothing to worry about. I will be quick to mention that this mattress requires a very small space of your dormitory, living room, bedroom, guesthouse or you’re your kitchen. After all, you can fold it up after use to the form of a comfortable couch.
  • How can I forget about hygiene? This type of mattress does not produce a smell. This is because it does not contain a lot of cotton like other mattresses. Moreover. It can be washed routinely just like the normal couch. Rotating the mattress weekly and rolling it up at the third week is another measure for hygiene.

Based on the quality features of these type of mattresses it is clear that making a decision of using them is not regrettable. When planning for picnics, yoga, exercise, children play site do not shy of from considering this type. Don’t forget that after sleeping on them, sleep will not only be safe but also sound.

  • Very durability
  • Offers neck and back support
  • It has no smell
  • Firm and does not puff out during sleep

  • Require high level of hygiene with periodic washing


Emoor Japanese mattress which is commonly known as “classe” is one of the best mattress for guest. When my friend used it he really liked its firmness.

Unlike most futon mattress, Emoor is absolutely original futon that is made in japan. It is absolutely comfy for using it on a hard floor. Even on a hard wooden surface it still retains its firmness.

In every futon mattress, there is always something that is outstanding compared to other futons. What I noticed special with Emoor futon mattress is that it is designed to be resistant to bacteria, bed bugs and other mites. Perhaps, that characteristic may seem useless to you. Nevertheless, in the majority of the people at times bed bugs can be a nuisance. They can rob off the quality and sweetness of your sleep. I remember, when I was in college how one of my friend’s mattress was infested with bed bugs. It was quiet stressing before he found a pesticide that would clear them.

  • This futon mattress has dimensions of 55.1 by 82.7 inches. It also has a thickness of 2.5 inches. These measurements enhance the easiness of folding the mattress into a sofa. Hence, making the Emoor to be highly flexible. The features also enhance the firmness of the mattress. The mattress being firm makes it comfortable to sleep on without having any backaches or joint pains.  Due to the firmness of the mattress even when I slept on it on a wooden floor I was comfortable. I would always chose this kind of futon for guest.
  • In terms of thickness, I realized it was a bit thinner compared to the dimensions of three inches that were specified. Hence, not best to use it as a bed for long. It can also be used as a good futon where kids can play around.
  • This futon mattress is treated on the inner cover with Quaternary ammonium salts and Pyrethroid. Quaternary ammonium salts are active against bacteria while the pyrethroid that was impregnated inside the mattress kept bed bugs and other mites away. These chemicals impregnated inside are usually active for two to three years. However, the futon is more durable.
  • What really amazed me about this futon is that despite the chemicals it was treated with it did not smell even on the first day. Emoor futon mattress was absolutely odorless.
  • Emoor Japanese futon mattress also has a firm pad that is in between a soft filling on both sides of the mattress. This soft filling provides comfort while at the same time the firm pad ensures the firmness of the futon is not lost.

The main shortcoming of the Emoor futon mattress that I realized is that the cover was not washable. I had to buy a futon mattress cover. Without a cover, it becomes difficult to clean when it gets dirty.This futon can also not be used together with a futon frame because it is less thick.

In summary, I liked the Emoor futon for being simple, beautiful and flexible. It was decently packed in backpack using a vacuum package. It was however, difficult to pack it to its original size after unpacking. If you have a guest on frequent bases this is a perfect futon mattress!

  • It is very firm
  • It can easily be folded
  • It is resistant to bed bugs, bacteria, and other mites
  • Firm and does not puff out during sleep

  • It requires a futon cover because it is not washable

6.DHP Aria Futon, white mattress- Best mattress for children and short adults

DHP Aria Futon mattress is the best mattress for children and short adults. The size of this futon mattress has the dimensions of 70 by 69 by 32. This feature makes such individuals fit perfectly and comfortably.

DHP Aria Futon mattress has vast characteristics than when told to someone there is no doubt that one will really appreciate the great uniqueness. Elegance and beauty of the mattress are at the top of the list.

These mattresses are beautiful in appearance. Having a bright color which is white makes them appealing to the eye. By keeping them in your living room, bedroom or guestroom, it is evident that the beauty of the place will be at its peak. You will agree with me that every humankind likes beauty.

  • The inner core the mattress is made up of foam and the legs are made of plastic. Of course, tall adults can still sleep on them but they won’t be as comfortable. This is because the mattress is low even on lifting the legs. Moreover, it can take a toll on the adults to get up and down. For a tall person, your hands can easily touch the ground.
  • DHP Aria Futon mattresses are space savers, due to their tiny nature. Whether you have a large or small space, everyone wants an extra space to place something else. In that small guest room, this mattress can fit perfectly.
  • On the other side of the coin, tall people can also use the mattress. This time they will use it as a couch. Wow, this is just amazing. Did you know that the DHP Aria Futon mattresses can be folded into a couch? This takes as few as five minutes when following the designer’s instructions. The transformation process of the mattress is not such a hard task. Is it? You will also agree with me that assembly of the mattress parts from the manufacturer is an easy task as well.

DHP Aria Futon mattresses are relatively cheap and thus affordable. I know you are happy as I am on this. This duly means that I could buy several mattresses for my children guest room not forgetting the short adult guests. Anyway, the price for these mattresses is just the best.

Last but not least, DHP Futon Aria mattresses are soft and therefore easy to clean. I like this when I imagine how careless and messy children can be. This makes cleaning fundamental for this kind of mattress. Thanks to their nature, cleaning is as good as it sounds.

  • Tiny and elegant
  • They are cheap
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to transform from a bed to a couch

  • Not suitable for heavy weight and tall persons


When it comes to the firmness of futon mattresses, Serta Cypress has always emerged on top. I really loved this mattress for being so stiff. Honestly, not so firm but it was stiff enough to offer unmatched coziness. This Futon is a queen size mattress that is 8 inches in thickness hence supplementing its stiffness.  If you are a bit heavy and you are looking for a mattress that does not puff then Serta Cypress is the best option for you.

Something else I liked about it is that it has an innerspring core. Having the innerspring ensures uniform weight distribution. This helps one to sleep on in an upright position hence avoiding back pain and neck pain problems. It was really startling that the mattress gives an allowance for one to sleep in either an upright or extended position for long hours without any aches. The innerspring core also offers good support and it plusher when one sleeps on it.

  • The Serta Cypress queen size futon mattress is made using a mixture of polyester and cotton. These two components are equal proportions hence ensuring maximum comfort when one sleeps on it. It is also manufactured in the United States unlike traditional Japanese futon.
  • It was also really nice that the futon was completely odorless. Being odorless is a factor that one ought to consider. Especially for people who are allergic to chemicals and various scents. Mattress with odors can pose a threat to quality sleep among such individuals. This futon, therefore, can be completely suitable to that category.
  • If you are looking to use Serta Cypress mattress on regular basis it is advisable to have a futon cover to put on top. This is because the original cover in the futon is not removable and therefore, it cannot be washed. It is vital to buy the mattress together with a futon cover to ensure cleanliness is maintained.
  • Another advantage of having a futon cover is it allows you to have a mattress with the cover of your choice because Serta Cypress has limited colors. It is available in blue, brown, khaki, yellow, black and green colors.

What I did not like about this futon mattress is that it was heavy. Serta Cypress queen size mattress has a weight of 57 pounds. This makes it difficult to carry around. When I needed to move it around I had to ask for assistance. So it is not good if you are looking for a mattress that you can move around.

The stiffness and heaviness of the mattress limited its flexibility to be folded into a sofa or a sitting couch. Its thickness of 8 inches was major contributing factor to this feature. It can still be folded but with some struggles.

Serta cypress futon is also manufactured with materials that makes it durable while retaining its sturdiness. All these comes at a very affordable price that is far much lower compared to the overall quality of this futon.

  • Highly firm for heavy people
  • It has an innerspring core
  • It is 8 inch thick
  • It doesn’t smell

  • It doesn’t fold easily
  • It is heavy


Twin gold bond cotton mattresses have proved to be the best mattresses ever. Not just mattress but the best futon mattress. When choosing mattresses for my children I do not take a second thought because I know how this is the best futon.

This was evident when my first born son slept for more hours during the week after I purchased this mattress. For sure, this is the mattress to sleep on.

Twin gold bond 4-inch mattresses are affordable. The price is just friendly to all. Their affordability is accompanied by quality which is a key factor. It makes it easy for you to buy as many mattresses at once for your children and guest. Indeed, the cost is more of a give-away.

The mattresses are long lasting too. After purchasing one, the thought of buying another one is really long fetched. What else can override durability?

The quality of these mattresses is seen on the nature of the dense and thick nature of its cotton. Color is also distinct for these mattresses.  Elegance cannot be overemphasized when it comes to these type of futon mattresses.

Being off white to gold is appealing to the eye and doesn’t strain your eyes. Above all, the twin gold bond 4- inch mattresses are firm but comfortable to sleep on. Side sleeping is most convenient on this type of mattresses.

On waking up, less side pains are felt signifying a good sleep. The cotton is flexible enough to allow folding it up every day after use. It can also be carried on a backpack during camping.

The comfort that is found on this mattress is such fulfilling that you long for long nights. I will pledge the comfortability on the even cotton distribution on the mattress. This makes the mattress not to puff up on the sides when sleeping. In other words, you become cushioned in the overwhelming cotton comfort

Additionally, twin gold bond 4 – inch mattress have a little smell unlike other futon mattresses. Smell can be a nuisance to sleep.These mattresses will give you a serene environment to lay your ass after a long day. However, a semi-plastic cover can help reduce the smell.

How could I forget this unique character of these mattresses? Twin gold bond mattresses are organic in nature and contain fewer chemicals. This is the best news for people with chemical allergies. It however, contains boric acid chemical.

I would not mind the presence of this chemical.The chemical is a pest and fire deterrent. In fact, no one wants bugs and pest to bother them when sleeping.

I would highly recommend the natural aspect of these mattresses for children. On analyzing and reviewing all these features I am convinced that twin gold bond 4-inch mattresses are the key to good sleep.

  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Firm and comfortable
  • Natural with no chemicals
  • Long lasting
  • Contains boric acid which is a pest and fire deterrent

  • Has a little smell
  • Thin for an adult


Serta sycamore double sized convoluted foam and cotton is a queen sized mattress.It is made in USA with two layers of convoluted foam. The two layers greatly contribute to the inflation and puffy nature of the mattress. Mainly contains cotton on the inside. By the look, this type of foam is appealing and elegant.

The mattresses have a soft feel that is not only good for the skin, but also enhances the warm and tender feeling during sleep.

After purchasing, the Serta sycamore mattresses are easy to roll and carry. In terms of flexibility, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Unlike other futon mattresses the mattresses are not good for people with back pains. Actually, their firm nature contributes to back aches. I think that this also varies with individuals because for some, firmness means comfort.

Serta sycamore mattresses cannot therefore favour the elderly and people with muscle involving jobs. This is because they are prone to aches and muscle discomforts more often. Also, for heavy weight individuals this is not the best choice.

Children and light weight adults however can enjoy the firmness because they do not exert a lot of weight on the mattress. Talking of size, Serta sycamore double sized convoluted foams are favourable from small to medium heights. Many of us fall under the range of these heights anyway. For the tall ones, sleeping on such mattresses could be tricky.

It is interesting to note that the Serta sycamore double sized convoluted foams usually inflate after eight months from the purchase date. In other words deflating is unheard off. This is a unique character for these mattresses .It is good to note that the inflating nature is key to the durability of these mattresses. We definitely expect them to be long lasting which is a feature we look out for when purchasing every item.

Serta sycamore double sided convoluted and cotton foams are available in many colors, black being the most common .It’s a good color, especially for dirt detection. Other colors include cream, grey, and white.

Smell in these types of mattresses is however annoying. Bad smell is a bad sleep hygiene and for sure nobody likes it. These mattress are known for producing smell that is characteristic of volatile chemicals.

For children this may be a disturbing factor. I once slept on another type of foam that smelled like wet rags. The experience is even not worth remembering. This smell does not even go away after taking the foam out in the sun, opening the windows or even fanning. It’s just horrible! The amount of cotton in the foam greatly contributes to the smell. Additionally, the cotton has some synthetic fibers which in a way prevent the fresh air entry and smell exit. Covers placed on the foam will give a good smell.

  • Firm and comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Soft feel
  • Dense and thick
  • Queen sized where people of different heights can fit
  • Inflates after some months of usage

  • Has a slight smell
  • Not good for people with back aches


Artiva Home Deluxe futon is a futon that perfectly suits a person with a limited budget. At times one may need a good futon mattress for sleeping on but he/she is on a very tight budget. For such cases, this futon is the best for you.

The futon is white in color which makes it give an outstanding appearance and beauty. The color makes the room to look elegant and it is pretty well compatible with most of the colors in the room. Off course everybody loves beauty. Therefore, when you are looking for extremely beautiful and at the same time comfy mattress then it is undoubtedly a good choice.

Additionally, it has a weight of 34 pounds. I really loved its lightness because it enables one to carry it around. It was easy to fold it into any design that I desired. It also enables the flexibility of converting it into either a sofa or a bed. This makes it a good option for college students. Most college need an affordable mattress and at the same time a flexible one that can be used as a multipurpose.

The Artiva Deluxe futon uniqueness comes with its ability to accommodate two people comfortably without squeezing. It dimensions of 74 by 54 by 8 inches makes it a spacious futon to sleep on. The thickness of 8 inches also ensures the mattress is comfortable and elegant while still maintaining its lightness.

One drawback of the Artiva Deluxe futon is that it flips after using it for a few months or one year. The duration that it stays before flipping mostly depends on how heavy you are and the frequency of sleeping. Because of that it is best suited for guests who are not frequent visitors or Kids because they are light.

This futon mattress is manufactured in china. It is made up using three components that include foam, fiber and cotton. The fiber helps in enhancing both the firmness and elasticity of the mattress. However, Artiva futon has no latex in it. Therefore, it is minimally elastic.

The futon also doesn’t have any inner core spring which makes it less comfortable compared to Serta Cypress Futon mattress. Artiva does not come together with a futon frame. Nevertheless, it is easily folded and can fit on any futon frame.

It comes in variety of colors therefore providing a range of stylish colors to choose from. It is available in black, red, brown and white color.

Unlike some of the futons, Artiva Home deluxe does not odorless and has a smooth cozy texture. I was happy on the way it was nicely packed. However, once unpacked it becomes difficult to pack it to its original pack size. It can only be achieved using an air compressor.

If you are looking for a comfy and affordable futon mattress to use for a limited time then Artiva will always be a good option. Especially, if you are a college student then go for it.

  • It is light
  • It can easily be folded
  • It is affordable

  • It easily flips
  • It smells

Buyer’s Guide

Before choosing any particular mattress it is important to first evaluate the benefits and the reason you need a futon mattress. After making an assessment always make sure the futon mattress that you chose suits your needs well.  Hence, we prepared a buyer’s guide to help you in making the final decision

First, let’s look at the benefits

Why do people prefer futon mattress?

  • When you have a limited space in your room then futon mattresses are best for you. Moreover, they are flexible, economical and comfortable at the same time.
  • Futon mattresses have multifunctional uses in that they can be converted into a bed, a sitting coach or even a playing sofa for kids.
  • They also provide safety to kids because there is no risk of children falling down unlike in beds.
  • The mattresses are beneficial to your health. They are comfortable and they will prevent back pains. Actually, according to research, they are among the ideal choice for people who suffer from back pain and spinal related diseases.


When it comes to deciding the best futon mattress one has to consider a number of factors that I will highlight briefly:

  • Weight of the mattress – If you want a mattress to move around easily and convert it from a bed to a sofa then weight cannot be ignored. In such scenarios, D & D Japanese futon mattress can suit you well.
  • Thickness of the mattress – A mattress that is thick most of the times is usually comfortable and doesn’t shrink easily. It is also a fine option for heavy people or if one wants to use it as a bed on regular basis. In terms of thickness and comfort then DHP encased 8 inch futon is a good choice. However, it becomes difficult to fold a thick mattress into a sofa.
  • Durability– if you need a futon for long term use then it is wise to choose a thick and firm mattress. Still, DHP 8 inch mattress or Serta Cypresss futon can be a superb selection.
  • Duration of use – one may need a futon to use for a limited period of time perhaps for hosting visitors. In such cases, Artiva home deluxe is an awesome deal!
  • Cost–  sometimes one may need a quality futon but still on a tight budget. A futon that balances both affordability and quality is DHP 6 inch futon mattress.

Final Remarks

There are many types of futon mattresses and they are all designed to meet needs of a specific category of people. Therefore, there is no any specific choice can be referred as the best futon mattress for all individuals. Generally, futon mattresses are always the unbeatable deal when it comes to flexibility and comfort.


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